F-Interop @ the IEEE Region Ten Symposium

Paper IEEE Tensymp 2018 1030x477In collaboration with Eurecom, Easy Global Market participed in TENSYMP 2018, the IEEE Region Ten Symposium held in Sidney from 4 to 6th of July. The paper developed on behalf of the SemTest project, funded under the first open call of the H2020 F-Interop project, received the highly commended award by the scientific panel.

Organized this year around the theme of the Impact of the Internet of Things, EGM team and its partner brought significant scientific inputs with the paper entitled “Developing and Integrating a Semantic Interoperability Testing Tool in F-Interop Platform”, presenting progress in the field applied to the connected objects field.


F-Interop @ the IoT Week 2018 & GIoTS 2018

DcmH71HXkAAojsqF-Interop is looking forward to see you at the IoT Week 2018 in Bilbao, Spain from June 4 to 7.

The IoT Week gathers the community of stakeholders engaged in developing new Internet of Things technologies and solutions. F-Interop will present its activities and tools on a dedicate booth and is also engaged in a plenary session as well as in a workshop on "Semantic Interoperablitity in the IoT and WoT".

Come and visit us.
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Global IoT Summit Workshop

GIoTS 2018 Scaling Up IoT

The Global IoT Summit (June 4-7, 2018) is organizing a dedicated workshop to present papers on scaling up the IoT, with a specific focus on large scale pilots, interoperability, end-user engagement, data protection, covering also topics such as interoperability and market development. Selected papers will be published by IEEE.

Paper submission deadline: February 28, 2018

More information can be found here









Meetup: Funding opportunities in IoT


 Are you an SME working on IoT solutions?
Don't miss the "Meetup: Funding opportunities in IoT"

Learn about upcoming funding opportunities for SMEs working on IoT interoperability solutions, or bringing smart products and services to market.
Eventbrite will present funding opportunities awarding up to €60k each, explain the application process and provide information on what a successful application should focus on. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions directly to those coordinating the funding opportunities.
If you are an organisation working on IoT, data and interoperability, or smart services, this event will offer a great opportunity to receive funding to boost your activity.

20 November 2017, 18:00 – 20:00 GMT



F-Interop Open Call continues to be a runaway success

EU H2020 F-Interop is a three year European led project designed to research, develop and support online tests for emerging standards and technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to create a workable platform and realise the end goal of boosting IoT interoperability. After 6 months of publicity, the F-Interop open call closed earlier this year, on January 25th, and funding was apportioned to SMEs across four categories.

Category A – New tools

Category B – New tests

Category C – Platform evaluation and report

Category D – Plugfest events

The majority of received proposals were for Category A. This was due to the larger amount of funding available (100K EUR for 10 months of work), perceived as higher incentive for applicants to receive substantial support to develop their ideas and solutions. In addition, Category A was probably perceived as the most flexible one. In fact, due to the early stage of the F-Interop platform, more was the perceived flexibility in the creation of required additional tools.

The second most applied Category was Category B (60K EUR for 6 months of work). The reason being that already available technical information about the F-Interop platform provided enough clarity and confidence to applicants on the existing and supported tools and protocols, on which they could leverage for their proposed tests.

Categories C and D received the least of submissions and funding of 10K EUR. This was due to the fact that at this stage, the current development of the F-Interop platform still left unclear the functionalities that could be tested or leveraged during the plugfests. As result, applicants were uncertain on the possible outcome of their proposals.

To distribute funding in categories C and D and provide successful bid SMEs with much needed funding, a second Open Call has launched.

Visit the Open Call page here >>>



First Open Call Winners



Start Date


Expected impact



Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

New test design

1 October '17 for 12 months

 F-LoRa is an extension of the F-Interop  platform to enable interoperability  testing and conformance following the  LoRaWAN specification. F-LoRa will  implement the state machines and  protocol specification to enable  LoRaWAN devices to be evaluated  against F-Interop or against other  vendors/users using the F-Interop  platform

 - New test suite in F-Interop
 for LoRaWAN protocol
 - Impact to all LoRaWAN industry
 and product ecosystem




1 August '17
for 10 months

 Develop remote testing tool for  lightweight device management and
 IoT semantic interoperability, namely  OMA LWM2M combined with IPSO and  integrate the developed components
 in the F-INTEROP platform

 - Attract the attention of SMEs
 about the importance of device  management as a key enabler
 of sustainable deployment of IoT
 - Help developing an ecosystem of
 off-the-shelf devices that can be
 equally used across different industries


6LoRITT (6LoWPAN Remote online Interop Testing Tool)

KEREVAL (French Testing Lab)

A -
New testing

7 July '17
for 10 months

 Extension of F-Interop testbed 
 with a new testing tool for
 6LoWPAN interoperability testing

 - Boost 6LoWPAN RFCs adoption
 - Boost 6LoWPAN interoperability  
 among implementations and
 shortening time-to-market products
 - Ease IoT 6LoWPAN-based solutions  integration into the future (IPv6 based) internet


(6TiSCH Online Remote Interoperability Tests)


D -
Plugtest event

15 May '17
for 7 months

 The SORT project aims to  organize two 6TiSCH Interop events:
 a first on-site with the use of online  tools, and a second fully remote 

 - Promote the adoption of the F-Interop  Platform and the online testing tools
 - Drive Interop communities into a shift  
 from the classical F2F events to remote  
 online interop tests
 - Accelerate the current ongoing  standardization process of the
 6TiSCH technology
 - Speed up the time to market
 of 6TiSCH products



Modio Computing
& Kings College London

A -
New testing tools/B

30 August '17 for 10 months

 PrivacyAnalyser will be integrated
 to the F-Interop platform to allow  experimenters to assess the privacy  strength of their applications and/or  services against confidential
 information disclosure
 F-Interop’s experimenter SMEs shall
 be able to assess and improve the  
 privacy aspects of their applications
 and services
Privacy Analyser

(Semantic Compliance and Interoperability Tests)

Easy Global Market, EURECOM


1 September '17 for 10 months

 Semantic technology is argued to
 be a way to address the interoperability  problem in IoT, a highly dynamic and  heterogeneous environment. With a  syntactical and semantical verifier  designed and developed, we would like  to bring the tool to F-interop framework  to allow a larger number of market  stakeholders to perform semantic  interop tests in order to benefit from  semantic technology

 - Increase the variety of the tests offered
 by F-Interop platform to increase its  attractiveness
 - Provide semantic validation tool to enable  market confidence building in semantic  standards (oneM2M, W3C  SSN, etc.)


(IETF Security Protocols Test Suites)

University of Montenegro


1 October '17 for 10 months

 Secure Join, OSCOAP, EDHOC

 - Increased trust in low-power 
 wireless technologies
 - Extension of F-Interop’s market
 reach to security arena




F-Interop @ IETF99 Hackathon

IETF Logo.svg

F-Interop will be presented at the next Hackathon organized by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). The IETF is holding a Hackathon to encourage developers to discuss, collaborate and develop utilities, ideas, sample code and solutions that show practical implementations of IETF standards.

When: Saturday July 15, 2017 and Sunday July 16, 2017
Where: Hilton Prague
Signup for the Hackathon - HERE!
View the list of Hackathon Attendees - HERE!

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The Hackathon is free to attend and open to the public.




F-Interop SORT:

6lo lead image

1st 6TiSCH Online Interoperability Testing Event

ETSI, together with LIST, organizes the first Online 6TiSCH (IPv6 over the Timeslotted Channel Hopping mode of IEEE 802.15.4e) testing event, in the framework of the SORT project, funded by the H2020 F-Interop open calls. The event will be run entirely through the F-Interop platform, using the 6TiSCH online tools, provided by INRIA. 
All participants must be registered for the event in order to receive their credentials to access the WIKI and be subscribed to the mailing list dedicated to this event.
The registration deadline is 30 June 2017.

14 to 15 July 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic, before the IETF99 meeting



F-Interop @ the IoT Week 2017

IoTweekGenevaF-Interop project will present its online testbed and testing tools for the Internet of Things at the IoT Week 2017. The IoT Week 2017 will gather over 300 speakers on the Internet of Things in Geneva, from June 6 to 9, at the International Conference Centre of Geneva. It will present its activities and tools on a dedicate booth. F-Interop is also engaged in a plenary session on future research infrastructure for the Internet of Things. Come and visit us. You will find more information at and



F-Interop @ IoT Tech Expo Europe 2017


Europe’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) event will return to Berlin for its 2nd annual event
on the 1-2nd June, where it will host 4,000 attendees and explore the entire IoT ecosystem. 

F-Interop is engaged in the plenary session "Testing in the IoT ecosystem". Come and visit us.
You will find more information at




F-Interop Video Introduction

The video offers an insight into the work and goals of the project as well as introducing the different involved partners.

Video Animations


Open Call Deadline: January 25th

All applications for the F-Interop Open Call need to be handed in by January 25th, 2017.

Everything you need to know including the application forms can be found here:



Final Open Call Webinar: January 13th

Join Digital Catapult's Michele Nati in order to learn more about the F-Interop Open Call and how to get involved. The final Q&A webinar on January 13th will start 2.30pm GMT and last for 45 minutes. Connect to the WebEx webinar by phone (+44 203 478 5289, meeting number/access code 950 542 239). You can also join via video (meeting password: int3r0p!). Please note you may need to install WebEx on your computer before the call.

See also



F-Interop @ Globecom & IEEE World

Mandat International was invited to present the F-Interop project at Globecom 2017 in Washington and at the IEEE World Forum on IoT at Reston. The project presentation triggered very positive reactions and a strong interest from several stakeholder in the standardization domain.



F-Interop @ TPAC 2016

TPACweb logo

F-Interop took part at the TPAC 2016. The Combined Technical Plenary/ Advisory Committee Meeting Week brings together W3C Technical Groups, the Advisory Board, the TAG and the Advisory Committee for an exciting week of coordinated work.

Lisbon, Portugal, 19-23 September 2016

Presentation TPAC 2016 F-Interop Remote Conformance & Interop Testing

DSC 0380DSC 0389


F-Interop @ the 13th ACM PE-WASUN 2016

acm logo

The 13th ACM International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor, and Ubiquitous Networks will take place on November 2016, in Malta. This symposium will bring together scientists, engineers, and practitioners to share and exchange their experiences, discuss challenges, and report state-of-the-art and in-progress research on all aspects of wireless ad hoc, sensor, and ubiquitous networks with a specific emphasis on their performance evaluation and analysis.

Valletta, Malta, 16-17 November 2016



F-Interop @ EUCNC

At the EUCNC conference 2016 F-Interop exhibited the early progress of the project. EuCNC LogoPartners from INRIA, EANTC and Digital Catapult were present. The team showcased two live demos at the EUCNC conference: CoAP passive validation interoperability testing tool and a QoS monitoring tool: SDN and Agents measurements. We also discussed the F-Interop open call opportunity with interested parties. 

For those of you who could not attend, we include here a couple of pictures and hope you will see us in future exhibitions!

Presentation F-Interop EUCNC Conference June 27-30, 2016 (reduced)



F-Interop @ CEBIT

cebit 125We are pleased to announce that F-Interop project was presented at CEBIT on the Device Gateway SA booth, one of our research partners. CEBIT provided us with an opportunity to discuss and interact with the industry and to identify potential partners and users.